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This Plane Promo Photo Wiz Khalifa - “This Plane”

“Khalifa's been impressing me lately. Awesome production, Wiz killed this one. Under rated artist for sure. Wait till he drops that album, he'll blow up as long as he keeps going hard like this. Live or let die, party get high”

bRiNg_bAcK(rEaL)_rAp's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 18, 2009
Drake Drake - “Forever”

“The leaked version in 07 offered better verses by both Drake and Wayne. Wish they wouldn't have changed it up. Drake on the hook once again, talented dude. Can't wait for him to drop Thank Me Later. Stacked lineup, reminded me of Swagger like us. Drake-solid verse,lyrical like always Kanye-His rhymes are whack, I could've gone without his high pitched voice. Drizzy could've gotten someone more talented to fill this spot. Wayne-Original verse was much better. Most of this doesn't even make sense. He's good but he needs to put more effort into his raps. He pushes a lot of garbage. When he's on, he's on. Wasn't feeling this one. Eminem-Killed this shit. This is the Shady we've all been waiting for. He set aside the Relapse voice and went hard. Let's hear more of this. With a lineup like this I expected better. Solid track, however improvements could've been made.”

bRiNg_bAcK(rEaL)_rAp's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 18, 2009
Baby aka Birdman Baby aka Birdman - “Money To Blow”

“Cash Money, Young Money at it's finest. Birdman was surprisingly bearable on this song. Drake and Wayne were in the limelight, as usual. You can put Drizzy wherever you need him. If you want him on the hook, he's singing. If you want him to spit, he's spittin fire. Kid's got a bright future ahead of him. Solid production 4 stars.”

bRiNg_bAcK(rEaL)_rAp's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 18, 2009

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