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Name:   Frmdabottom
Location: Texas
Interests: Hip-Hop
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Wale Wale - “Pretty Girls (Remix)”

“The bass beats so hard when CB sings "Shawty what u say" that u can't help but 2 nod your head I liked his part as a whole Wale & Fab gave me just what they always give Fab=Punchlines Wale=Metaphors & I loved all of em Wale is 1 of my fav freshmen along with Drake Cudi B.o.B & J.Cole & this is another reason why”

Frmdabottom's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 07, 2010
Deuces Promo Photo Chris Brown - “Deuces”

“Favorite aspect of the song is the beat but the hook had me "hooked" after 1 listen Tyga was good & Kevin McCall had a good verse 2 even though he name drops more than Game”

Frmdabottom's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 07, 2010
Lose My Mind Promo Photo Jeezy - “Lose My Mind”

“Beat is hard I'm chantin the hook verses were there plies had one of his better verses but that's still not sayn much still want 2 ff his part couldve had a better guest that would deliver such as Luda Bun etc. But this is perfect club/trunk music turned all the way up”

Frmdabottom's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 06, 2010
Jadakiss Jadakiss - “I Am the Man”

“LeBron is better than Kobe the only valid argument Kobe fans have is he has 4 rings & LeBron has none which imo isn't that valid Kobe was apart of good team & a legendary coach 4 all 4 of those rings Has LeBron ever had as good of an supporting cast as Kobe? No Has LeBron ever been under a coach with 6 rings previous 2 coaching him along with coaching the greatest player the NBA has seen? No The better player is determined by skills not acheivements because if that was the case Robert Horry is better than Jordan & Bruce Bowen is on the same level with Kobe & both of those are false LeBron is what 25 26 yrs old or something like that was Kobe as good of a player at 25 26 as LeBron is? No Kobe is at his peak he's not gonna play any better than he's playing right now & LeBron is already better than him & he still has miles 2 go Kobe stans just refuse 2 get over the fact that their beloved Kobe is #2 & will be 4 the rest of his carrer”

Frmdabottom's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 02, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Gladiators”

“HIP-HOP IS ALIVE! Enough said”

Frmdabottom's Rating:                     Posted on May 23, 2010

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