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Name:   $tunnin
Location: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH     edit
Interests: we got the man then we got the artists like BOOSIE AND ZOE    edit
URL:   players are the game    edit
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Join Date:          October 26, 2009

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Curren$y Curren$y - “Scared of Monsters”

“curren$y aint garBage he is classic and needs diz shi* goin on man u is garBage u aint nothing”

$tunnin's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 14, 2009
B.o.B B.o.B - “F You ft. Lil Boosie & DG Yola”

“u know lil boosie ur the best rap artist out there and i have all ur songs on my i pod and all ur cds ur the man of the rap game and every artist should look up to u and everyone u rap with but my favorite song of urs is LIL WAYNE DISS he is a fag”

$tunnin's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 02, 2009
Game Game - “Krazy”

“dang GAME u got it going with this song man this is bye far the best song u have ever made in ur career”

$tunnin's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 02, 2009
Tone Tone Tone Tone - “Jockin' ft. Gorilla Zoe”

“def the best song bye tone tone cuz he is singin with the real man”

$tunnin's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 02, 2009

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