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Wish Me Luck Promo Photo Governor - “Wish Me Luck”

“I like it when artists take some chances with their vocals, and the Governor doesn't disappoint. His rhymes are tight, and he isn't afraid to croon out some of those high notes. A smooth, but not outstanding beat rounds things out, but the Gov is the real star here.”

grimm's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 01, 2011
B.o.B B.o.B - “Airplanes (Pt. 2)”

“No in depth review this time. Longer. Better lyrics. And Eminem. Don't even think about skipping it.”

grimm's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2010
Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa - “Glass House”

“This track's all the sick bassline that forms the backbone of the beat. Kudos for using what sounds like an actual bass guitar to deliver a smooth, funky bass tone. The minimalist synth strings in the background do add some spaciness and depth, but they only serve to complement the vocals and tie up the track nicely. Speaking of the vocals, I only noticed them when the bass was temporarily offed. The hook is pretty catchy, and the rhymes are dropped skillfully, but the beat is killer. But seriously, that bassline is funky. Check it out immediately.”

grimm's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 15, 2010
Nothing on You Promo Photo B.o.B - “Nothing on You”

“Bruno Mars, you really know how to get the ladies moving. Some great rhymes accompany, but it's definitely Bruno's show here. Great, light-hearted beat. It's one of those you sing along to in the shower while nobody's listening. Check it out.”

grimm's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2010
That Tree Promo Photo Snoop Dogg - “That Tree”

“The first thing I thought was that someone found a bunch of empty PVC plastic pipes and made a xylophone out of them to create a beat. It's a little annoying at first, so minus one for that. I like the hook, but that's as close as Cudi should ever get to singing. Any more and it would have been unbearable. Ans as always, mad props to Snoop. Maybe a bit more forceful than his usual delivery, but I like it. Check it out if you're a Snoop or Cudi fan.”

grimm's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2010

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