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Red Nation Promo Photo Game - “Red Nation”

“HARRRRD game sounds like a new man, mad verses, wayne aside a very very good song!!”

omaruk's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 14, 2011
Space Bound Promo Photo Eminem - “Space Bound”

“I think em is a world class rapper but personally i never was wowed in the way some are by him only where he brings it and when he does i always consider them to be greats so when i say that an em tune is banging i mean its amazing, extraordinary, riveting, moving whatever you want to call it...this song kills it wot an amazing individual bit long winded but he smashed this not sure it will go down with everyone aswell but personally i love it”

omaruk's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 23, 2011
Moment 4 Life Promo Photo Nicki Minaj - “Moment 4 Life”

“i never gave niki the time of day before all i have to say is, MAD FLOW some ridiculous verses then Drake comes in and fils this lovley fully carbd sandwich and the filling is the chorus. Song of the week for sure!!I will deffo look out for more from niki m. I dont rate lightly but this song has banger status for sure.(second listen)”

omaruk's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 10, 2010
DJ Premier DJ Premier - “5%”


omaruk's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 09, 2010
T.I. T.I. - “Welcome to the World”

“dont know why but T.I doesnt really do anything for me anymore, if i listen to him through no fault of my own before the end of his verse my mind wonders...That being said he smashes this first verse and shows what he is capable of, Kanye kills it but didnt really like cudi on this..NICE”

omaruk's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 25, 2010

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