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Name:   Mental Menhit
Location: between walls.
Interests: breathing.
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Foster Foster - “Waited”

“this took me the best way. i am feelin' this track super hard. it's a sign that there is new blood putting in work to bring the very soul of hip hop back & back in full effect. good looking on tanya morgan too. good looking.”

Mental Menhit's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 09, 2009
KRS-One & Buckshot
KRS-One & Buckshot - “The Way I Live”

“i could go on forever on this track makes me feel. it's definitely going on the "feel good" tracks for me. something about this track makes me feel super charged & refreshed. KRS, aside from being amazingly talented, is one of the most humble men i've ever had the pleasure of sitting down with & speaking to. this dude is an open book of wisdom, patience, kindness & intelligence beyond words. buck & mary...SICKNESS. honestly, mary has been through it all in the business & in her personal life and has yet to fail us. buck, well buck can do no wrong in my eyes. never. perfection.”

Mental Menhit's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 08, 2009

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