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Name:   Deejay Swagger
Location: the Gunshine State.     edit
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Join Date:          August 15, 2009

Last Login:        December 22, 2013

Total Ratings:    230

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Deejay Swagger's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Show Me  Promo Photo Kid Ink - “Show Me ”

“This will never fully go out of rotation at my club as long as I'm there. I play the sh!t out of Show Me Love once or twice a week as it is; now I have something derivative to do even more crazy stuff with. ”

Deejay Swagger's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 28, 2013
Team (Five Knives Remix) Promo Photo Lorde - “Team (Five Knives Remix)”

“I haven't heard this anywhere and I don't normally break records -- if you want me to play your unknown song before it's anything a crowd wants to hear then I'm getting paid -- but what the hell... I'll play it. They inexplicably love Lorde and isn't garbage so I think I'll file this one in the exceptions portfolio.”

Deejay Swagger's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 25, 2013
How I Feel Promo Photo Flo Rida - “How I Feel”

“Classic sample choice, great production, Flo Rida's immaculate club flow. Most of all, it's melodic and the artist isn't saying motherfucker twenty times in some tactless projects hook. Shots fired, perhaps you know which song I'm referencing. What do you want from this, a hood track? Get up out.”

Deejay Swagger's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 25, 2013
LL Cool J LL Cool J - “Take It”

“Two slow jam heavyweights throw that weight around as well as one could hope, I can add this to the R&B playlist. A very high honor, worthy only of songs like Avant - Makin' Good Love and Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair (coincidentally with, you guessed it, LL).”

Deejay Swagger's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 20, 2013
Old School Love Promo Photo Lupe Fiasco - “Old School Love”


Deejay Swagger's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 20, 2013

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