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Is It Cool to F**k? Promo Photo Marky - “Is It Cool to F**k?”

“I am feeling this.”

Quicksilvr44's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 11, 2011
Mad World Promo Photo Loot - “Mad World”

“Gotta say I almost shot this down ASAP on the title (I am so sick of Mad World covers). Novels was the end all be all of the covers, but I stand correct and am pleasantly surprised and this is so tight.”

Quicksilvr44's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 12, 2010
Jason Caesar Jason Caesar - “Misery Loves Company”

“Caesar has had some other tracks drop on DJBOOTH and this one; like the previous ones; doesn't disappoint in the least. You guys have to push out The Musical I can't wait much longer.”

Quicksilvr44's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 01, 2010
Monster Promo Photo Kanye West - “Monster”

“Everyone has said just about everything. NM has such market saturation that there would have to be some point where she plateau's and puts it on cruise control, but it has yet to happen, go figure. This is a hella long track, and I would have liked to see NM towards the first half. Ross is missing on this and unless I put it back on and try hard to find him, he is forgettable. It should have been KW, Jay and NM and should have been left at that.”

Quicksilvr44's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 01, 2010
Novel Novel - “Walkin' on Air”

“With some music I tend to love it for a month and totally burn out and when it comes up on the playlist I tend to skip it, however Novel is one of those artist that no matte how many times I listen to one of his songs I just HAVE TO listen to the end, no matter how many times I have listened to it. This is what I consider to be a classic, the fact that I give it the same attention on day 839 then I did on day 1. This is one of those songs, such a nice cut and the mixtape of Novel and Joel is just one of those you are happy you came across. I just can't say much more this is classic Novel.”

Quicksilvr44's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 01, 2010

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