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J. Cole J. Cole - “Mr. Nice Watch”

“Grab a coat. A Cole World is coming on September 27th.”

STLsFreshPrince's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 19, 2011
Can’t Get Enough Promo Photo J. Cole - “Can’t Get Enough”

“@BigBoi1221 I guess you haven't heard a few of his other songs that are going to be on his CD. He still makes the songs his former fans love and is going to open up his fan base with radio made singles. Face it, artists have to make radio based songs now to get exposure. The days of them playing real hip hop has passed for now. Its a shame that a song such as Lost Ones (a song on his CD that is great), Can I Live, and Hold It Down are never gonna be on the radio cuz they are great songs and not the typical BS rap radio stuff. Considering other artists on the radio right now and the BS they spew, this is golden. I'm glad to see Cole get on the radio at all cuz I've been following him for a long time. It'll be a Cole World on 9/27. Support real hip hop!!! Buy his CD!! Don't Download it!!!!”

STLsFreshPrince's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 06, 2011
I'm On Promo Photo Trae The Truth - “I'm On”

“Love the beat. Lupe killed it (as usual). Trae did nice, but his voice doesn't go well with the beat in my mind. Big Boi had a strong verse, but I think Andre 3stacks might of done an even better job. Wale murdered it. Wiz actually did a better job than I expected. I like this track a lot, but I would of liked to see J. Cole hop on this. The beat seems right for J. Cole and so does the context of the song. All in all, this is a banger and imma keep playing it for a while.”

STLsFreshPrince's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 06, 2011
Tech N9ne Tech N9ne - “Am I a Psycho”

“everyone killed it. I can't even say someone killed it more than the other. They all went in on this one.”

STLsFreshPrince's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 16, 2011
Work Out Promo Photo J. Cole - “Work Out”

“I liked Lost Ones and Return of Simba more. But J. Cole puts out another banger. Reminds me of Kanye which seems right since he used a piece of an old Kanye song. Can't wait for the album. Its gonna be a Cole Summer”

STLsFreshPrince's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 16, 2011

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