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Lil' Flip
Lil' Flip - “Still In My Drop Top Chevy ft. Mr. Criminal”

“im probably bias because im a huge Lil Flip fan, but this song is bangin! I've been waiting to hear some more new flip for a while now! flip has a lot of charisma in his music, he doesnt have the greatest flow and can be too slow somethimes, but he is one of the few who can pull it of very well”

CO-85's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 21, 2008
TQ TQ - “Paradise ft. Krayzie Bone”

“Hopefully TQ makes a comeback! i have all his other albums, who remembers "Westside"? TQ's only problem has been that he hasnt made any relevant music and has always been with the wrong labels! He could be huge hit if he had the right producers on board like Polow Da don or any of the big hitmakers at the moment! He needs to make less gangsta r&b that he had been doing as it hasnt been working the last few years! if anyone doubts his singing abilities listen to TQ- Adore, a cover of the prince song, u will be impressed!”

CO-85's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 21, 2008
DJ Felli Fel DJ Felli Fel - “The Finer Things ft. Kanye West, J.D., Fabolous & Ne-Yo”

“Another Dj Felli Fel banger, im really feelin this track. this guy came out of nowhere and is making some of the hottest club bangers. looking forward to many more and an album release!”

CO-85's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 07, 2008
Rich Boy Rich Boy - “Ghetto Rich (Remix) ft. John Legend, Lil' Wayne & Nas”

“Best track from Richboy to date, mainly cause of the fantastic features! weezy is great as usual, john legend fits perfectly with the r&b chorus, and Nas is still one of the best rappers alive! looking forward to the sophomore album.”

CO-85's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 07, 2008
C-Murder C-Murder - “One False Move ft. Akon”

“pretty good track, unfortunately Akon and his boring ol voice kinda spoiled the song. Akon needs to learn "Quality over Quantity". id rather hear him do really good on 2 or 3 tracks rather than just being average on a whole bunch of tracks.”

CO-85's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 02, 2008

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