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Name:   XuUP17
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Michael Christmas Michael Christmas - “Michael Cera”

“That banana stand line”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 10, 2014
Kingdom Promo Photo Common - “Kingdom”

“Dope. Judging by Kingdom, Nobody's Smiling will be more like Finding Forever than Dreamer/Believer; and that's a good thing. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on May 30, 2014
Losing Myself Promo Photo Mike Dreams - “Losing Myself”

“Something about today, I'm really feelin this song. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 25, 2014
Vendetta Promo Photo Elijah Blake - “Vendetta”

“Although he did sound good, I think the tempo asked for a little more energy from Elijah Blake. Strong verse from Cole with a nice Jay-Z reference.”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 21, 2013
1995  Promo Photo Lafayette Stokely - “1995 ”

“I'm not comparing their styles or anything, but I haven't seen/heard a rapper this talented or well-positioned to make it big since J Cole was Warming Up. It's about time for the next generation to show their faces. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 06, 2013

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Last Winter Promo Photo Bas - “Last Winter”

“I'm still digesting this album, but it's really growing on me. It's surprisingly well executed with the production, concepts, features, and content. Bas's strengths are his flows and his hooks but you tell he's an intelligent dude who's willing to incorporate some thought-provoking stuff into his verses. I'm excited to see where Bas goes from here, but until then, I'm content with listening to Last Winter. (Sidenote: I feel like Spotify's just as much of a slimy bully as Napster was, they just did it the legal way)”

XuUP17's Rating:                   Posted on May 29, 2014
The Revenge of the Dreamers Promo Photo J. Cole - “The Revenge of the Dreamers”

“That Jagged Edges line is "Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips" caliber. 3.5 for the tape. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 08, 2014
E&J Promo Photo Dag Savage - “E&J”

“Jamla's charging $10 for their tape too. I think that's too steep to grow a fan base. $3.99 would have been a smarter price for this project... I'm not buying either, and probably won't make it back to stream them. Solid work though 4/5”

XuUP17's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 03, 2014

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