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Name:   XuUP17
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Superfly Promo Photo Raury - “Superfly”

“This is my first Raury song, so idk what's him and what's VSC, but I really like him. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 29, 2014
Scrubs Promo Photo Bobby James - “Scrubs”

“I second @djblaze. The more I listen to The Ugly Duckling, the more I recognize how dope and original Casino Crisis is. These 2 guys have great chemistry.”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 20, 2014
Girls Love Aaliyah Promo Photo Bobby James - “Girls Love Aaliyah”

“Rappers have exponentially more potential when they can carry a hook like that with the singing/melody. We got just enough from Bobby, Tyana, and Casino so that everyone could shine. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 20, 2014
Pay Attention Promo Photo Big K.R.I.T - “Pay Attention”

“I wish he woulda hidden a couple more gems in this one, played with the flow a little more. The raps were a little too comfortable, but they did complement great production and hook work. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 29, 2014
Michael Christmas Michael Christmas - “Michael Cera”

“That banana stand line”

XuUP17's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 10, 2014

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G.O.O.D. Morning & G.O.O.D. Night (Deconstructed) Promo Photo Malik Yusef - “G.O.O.D. Morning & G.O.O.D. Night (Deconstructed)”

“Are we sure GOOD Morning, GOOD Night has sold 600k? There's no way. It's not even on iTunes anymore as far as I can tell. J Cole's Born Sinner has only done 599k, and he's a thousand times more popular than Kanye's main ghostwriter ever was.”

XuUP17's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 30, 2014
Last Winter Promo Photo Bas - “Last Winter”

“I'm still digesting this album, but it's really growing on me. It's surprisingly well executed with the production, concepts, features, and content. Bas's strengths are his flows and his hooks but you tell he's an intelligent dude who's willing to incorporate some thought-provoking stuff into his verses. I'm excited to see where Bas goes from here, but until then, I'm content with listening to Last Winter. (Sidenote: I feel like Spotify's just as much of a slimy bully as Napster was, they just did it the legal way)”

XuUP17's Rating:                   Posted on May 29, 2014
The Revenge of the Dreamers Promo Photo J. Cole - “The Revenge of the Dreamers”

“That Jagged Edges line is "Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips" caliber. 3.5 for the tape. ”

XuUP17's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 08, 2014

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