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Chamillionaire Chamillionaire - “I'm So Gone (Patron)”

“First off, Chamillionaire is my favorite rapper. Love his flow (reminiscent of Industry Groupie) and is an underrated lyricist. The little rap part on the 2nd verse was a nice touch to the singy-songyness. Montay was beastly on the boards as usual. The story about Venom being cancelled is basically this: He dumbs down because he knows that people liked it. He is sick of trying to satisfy old concepts and such so he's taking a "vacation" to rekindle himself and focus on his commercial music. Venom wasnt looking like venom to Chamillionaire. 2 RnB leaks already? He's gonna give us MM7, quit mixtapes, and make a 3rd studio album of new stuff that should be FIRE!”

deadlois69's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 09, 2009
Hurricane Chris Hurricane Chris - “She’s Fine (Remix) ft. Various Artists”

“First off, its a banger! Production too catchy to hate. Luda killed it (shoulda saved da best 4 last), Hurricane was decent yet swaggalicious haha, Boosie was nice despite his voice, Gotti has flow thats bout it, Pitbull was nice energy on the track and is always refreshing to hear (he got a new song with Clinton Sparks called Shut It Down that hopefully gets featured), Beenie Man seemed lost lol, Joc was dope, and finally C-Ride had some nice lines like "aint i aint i smokin good on dat yung LA dro".”

deadlois69's Rating:                     Posted on May 23, 2009
Mr Hudson Mr Hudson - “Supernova ft. Kanye West”

“i agree with joshL about the techno/pop/hip hop/club feel. it satisfies all those genres and i think it will be a monster hit! great production and vocals. kanye was a supernova on this joint!”

deadlois69's Rating:                     Posted on May 18, 2009
R. Kelly R. Kelly - “Supaman High ft. OJ Da Juiceman”

“BANGER! Production is different, but it slaps! A very weird collaboration, yet it worked since it was a club banger. OJ is a young dude full of energy and Kells is always on fireeeeee! Since I'm from the Chi, I gotta love Kells!”

deadlois69's Rating:                     Posted on May 12, 2009
Boosie BadAzz Boosie BadAzz - “Better Believe It ft. Young Jeezy & Webbie”

“BANGER! Mouse did expand his work like Z said. He usually just has a simple melody and adds tons of boom to it. Boosie's voice is semi-irritating as usual, but passable. Jeezy is dope and Webbie is a nice listen. Chorus is nice and the singer has a nice voice.”

deadlois69's Rating:                     Posted on May 07, 2009

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