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Name:   Icebreaker68
Location: NC
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Join Date:          January 25, 2009

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Total Ratings:    1380

Icebreaker68's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Believe Me Promo Photo Lil Wayne - “Believe Me”

“I think half of yall came in here with a Lil Wayne bias, and admittidly, I didn't expect to like this either. But the beat, and their flows, are both on point.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                     Posted on May 04, 2014
Forever Promo Photo Sebastian Mikael - “Forever”

“I agree, he's gonna be big. It might take a year or two, but its coming.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 08, 2014
Red Light Green Light  Promo Photo Jori King - “Red Light Green Light ”

“I've been following Jori since his debut here, and this is one of my favorites. He's headed for great things.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 31, 2013
Episode Promo Photo E-40 - “Episode”

“This is fire, I can't see how anyone rated it lower than a 3.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 01, 2013
After We F**k Promo Photo J. Holiday - “After We F**k”

“Very solid track, it's nice hearing from him again.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 25, 2013

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Icebreaker68's TOP ALBUMS

Kiss Land Promo Photo The Weeknd - “Kiss Land”

“This album lacks some of the charm from his debut mixtapes. Every track doesn't have to be 6-8 minutes long, some of the best songs come in the second half of the tracks and its a snooze to try to listen to them all the way through. He should practice the art of condensing. Ranting aside, there are some quality tunes on this album and I wouldn't rate it lower than 4 stars.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Magna Carta... Holy Grail Promo Photo Jay Z - “Magna Carta... Holy Grail”

“This album is perfection! It's easily my Hip-Hop album of the year thus far.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 06, 2013

“I'm on my first listen and so far this is a very solid first mixtape.”

Icebreaker68's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 01, 2013

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