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Name:   Gr33nBowlP4ck3r
Location: VA 757
Interests: Music Concerts Comps
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Marvin’s Room  Promo Photo Drake - “Marvin’s Room ”

“so much hate, this is drakes style but he doesnt sing about the same shit every time, this is the style that blew drake up anyway and anything different wouldnt fit him, sure he could speed things up and im sure he will on other tracks”

Gr33nBowlP4ck3r's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 11, 2011
Bad Meets Evil Bad Meets Evil - “Im on Everything”

“better than fast lane i didnt even listen to that song through”

Gr33nBowlP4ck3r's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 09, 2011
Miguel Miguel - “Sure Thing (Remix)”

“757 representin as always pusha t taint this with win”

Gr33nBowlP4ck3r's Rating:                     Posted on May 29, 2011
Classified Classified - “Maybe It's Just Me”

“nobody rated on this? this is a fire ass song and they killed it lyrically production was the shit too”

Gr33nBowlP4ck3r's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 30, 2011
Hold My Hand Promo Photo Michael Jackson - “Hold My Hand”

“this song will be a hit for sure instant classic”

Gr33nBowlP4ck3r's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 16, 2010

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