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Chamillionaire Chamillionaire - “Relax ft. J. Holiday”

“As much as i don't wanna say this, he has to make more of these commercial songs if he wants to get bigger than before. All the underground people give him mad love, like this post has bulk 5 star ratings... but it don't mean shit when the majority of us download. He needs to sell it to the teenie boppers who fork out all their cash buying anything on impulse. I know its considered selling out but hes hands down better than any other rapper alive! yet i bet he don't make more cash than some commercial fool like Soulja Boy... Don't get me wrong I love Cham, I just want him to get the recognition he deserves from the public.”

Chabillionaire's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 20, 2009
Drake Drake - “Unstoppable (Remix)”

“the lyrics are as tight as a teens p**sy lol daymmmmm”

Chabillionaire's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 20, 2009
Drake Drake - “Congratulations”

“Hes one of my fav new artists! Last few songs have been awesome, he sounds so much like kanye in this song. I swear he even used some auto tune?”

Chabillionaire's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 20, 2009
Chamillionaire Chamillionaire - “Creepin' (Solo) ft. Ludacris”

“Luda absolutealy killed this shit. I rate cham as one of the best rappers but i can't help but fast forward to 3 mins for the ludas verse. If Luda can help Cham get the exposure he deserves then this is perfect!! STRAIGHT FIREEEEE!”

Chabillionaire's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 16, 2009
DJ Felli Fel DJ Felli Fel - “Feel It ft. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Flo-Rida, & Pitbull”

“T-pain is the hook master, his hooks need to be broken up with other rappers doing their thang, so him singing a verse woulda ruined it for me. Good song, love the dancey beats that felli brings to these tracks!”

Chabillionaire's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 13, 2009

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