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HTNC (Humble's The New Cocky) Promo Photo K. Sparks - “HTNC (Humble's The New Cocky)”

“Here's my rating, and review. Sparks is a beast and this album will probably be his best. I've heard a lot from Sparks since back in the days with his weekly leaks. But the growth I've heard lately is on point. Content wise this guy is on another level. I think some artist are so good that after a while people just expect it so it becomes whatever. Like when Lebron drops 30 a game, it's expected, Sparks drops a hot song, expected so people get lackadaisical. But don't sleep, this cat is the truth. ”

TrevorNestan's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 07, 2013
Home School Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Home School”

TrevorNestan's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2013
Gold Chain Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Gold Chain”

TrevorNestan's Rating:                     Posted on May 24, 2011
Drummer Boy Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Drummer Boy”


TrevorNestan's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 11, 2011
K. Sparks K. Sparks - “Mind Elevation (Kurser Remix)”

“K. Sparks: Came with it as always. Lyrical beast on the mic. Cymarshall Law: Delivered a dope feature verse to compliment Sparks. Kurser: Executed some solid production to nail this remix. Richard said it best "it just has that creative oomph". I purchased the original ADINTL album and this is vastly different in a dope way. Hats off to all involved.”

TrevorNestan's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 01, 2010

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Self Portrait Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Self Portrait”

“Classic. Nuff said.”

TrevorNestan's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 01, 2013
Read Between the Lines Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Read Between the Lines”

“Can we get back to music like this? Seriously. I remember there was a time when artist actually had something to say. Nowadays everyone's talkin about trash. Sparks is refreshing and needed. Keep it up.”

TrevorNestan's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 02, 2012

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