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DJ Khaled DJ Khaled - “I'm So Hood (Remix)”

“question to londons finest....since when couldnt a hispanic not say nigga?? a nigga can call you a cracker or me a spic. who gives a shit ill call u a honky with a banged up line of teeth. and what are you going to do? get upset. down in the 305 a/k/a miami, were called the melting pot and the blacks whites and hispanic are all for the song fat joe shouldnt be saying he brought the mac down south like mc donalds because we all know his punk ass ate it and left his whack shit in n.y. birdman needs to take his old ass to the retirement home already and weezy omg weezy please kill your self, revive yourself then kill yourself again. ross is great but not for this song. jeezy is my favorite rapper but luda distroyed it. hood line up 1. LUDA 2. JEEZY 3. BIG BOI 4. BUSTA thats a bad ass remix”

miamizfinest's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 03, 2007
Rick Ross Rick Ross - “Speedin'”

“ross isnt a lyricist hes a dope boy so u cant go looking for great lines. if any of you were real pushers, rick ross would put goosbumps on you because its that REAL street talk. same goes on jeezy tracks.. miami of course is og the chain C.C.C 305!”

miamizfinest's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 28, 2007

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