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Scooter Smiff
Scooter Smiff - “Head of My Class ft. Chris Brown”

“Dis Lil' Yungin' iz Chris Breezy'z alter ego 4real! Dey jus alike....or iz dat how he want da p3ople to respond 2 hiz lil' prode-zey?! eitha way dis lil' wipa-snappa got somethin'! Chris Brown might be da next Diddy yall betta keep ya eyez on 'em!”

Muzik Lyriqz's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 07, 2008
Plies Plies - “Put It on Ya ft. Chris J”

“B4 i critic dis song let me address sum thingz dat sum of dez dum muthafukaz on her dont kno!........PLIES IZ A STREET RAPPER!..... dis iz definetly a huge movement dat he got goin on. he a fuckin genius, he make joint fa da niggaz n he make jamz lyke dis fa da ladies. he obviously kno wut will appeal to who..... enough of dat, who eva dis cat Chris J. iz he did his thang on dis and once again fa all yu fuck azz haterz....Plies Has Done It Again!!!! CLASSIC”

Muzik Lyriqz's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 10, 2008
Kid Sister Kid Sister - “Family Reunion ft. David Banner”

“i wuzn't feelin' dat "Pro-Nailz" shyt, but dis shyt right here nigga, dis shyt right here nigga iz hot...i agree wit Charm Parker she do gotta presence. mayb itz cuz she aint nuthin lyke dez otha female rappaz, she brangin' somethin new 2 da table”

Muzik Lyriqz's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 26, 2008
Natasia Pena
Natasia Pena - “Intoxicated (Remix) ft. Yung Berg”

“Dam! wer da hell dis chick cum 4rm? YBz did his thizzle on dis track...da beat iz ill az hell! Definetly a radio bumpa”

Muzik Lyriqz's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 24, 2008
Birdman & Rick Ross
Birdman & Rick Ross - “Sun Come Up ft. T-Pain & Glasses Malone”

“Dis a str8 kick back joint right here! Baby ripp'd dis track!Ross did his thang!”

Muzik Lyriqz's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 22, 2008

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