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Game Game - “P*ssy Fight”

“Ya'll sound like you need some pussy... this shit is banging and now im bout to bang my teeth into some pussy lips”

fr3shboi88's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 07, 2010
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey - “H.A.T.E.U (Remix)”

“Thanks Nathan for taking the time out to review Mariah's songs. I can see how much your words impact the artists' continue pressing your opinion.”

fr3shboi88's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 12, 2009
T-Pain T-Pain - “I Can't Believe It (Remix) ft. Justin Timberlake”


fr3shboi88's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 11, 2008
Freeky Zeeky
Freeky Zeeky - “This Girl”

“it's going to be a song u hear more often.”

fr3shboi88's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 01, 2008
T-Pain T-Pain - “Chopped N Skrewed ft. Ludacris”

“oh wow hot song! i can relax and roll up a phillie to this song Hmmmmm "i'll chop u chop u screw u screw u screw u outta yo spine"”

fr3shboi88's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 22, 2008

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