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Rick Ross Rick Ross - “Maybach Music Pt. 2 ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & T-Pain”

evisuman's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2009
Rick Ross Rick Ross - “Mafia Music (Remix) ft. The Game, Fat Joe & Ja Rule”

“great production overall, i love the allstar beef team, shoulda had cam'ron on here though i think this beef has increased rick ross' value to hip hop and lloyd banks also (officer down) its entertainment oh and EMINEM IS NOT THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME maybe if you got off your fuckin nitendo once in awhile bowser you wouolda known that. Em is good when he raps serious but with all that gay shyt he talks about its just degradin. look back in hip hop history and get back to me”

evisuman's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2009
Chamillionaire Chamillionaire - “Creepin' (Solo) ft. Ludacris & The Game”

“3 of my top 5 lyricists in the game right now in here....unbelievable song..”

evisuman's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Rick Ross Rick Ross - “Magnificent ft. John Legend”

“frozilla idk what the hell you sayin "50 will bury him, he has taken down everyone hes tried." no way haha i The Game Buried him in life and the afterlife. Camron even buried him and half the time we cant understand what cam is sayin lolz but yes i think 50 will out do Ross, wrong time to choose a fight Officer Ricky...”

evisuman's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 03, 2009
Gorilla Zoe Gorilla Zoe - “What It Is ft. Rick Ross”

“patty dont like shyt she dissin err rapper on her posts stop listenin then bitchhh get the fucck off their dickz i digg this song my boy zoe brings suttin difff”

evisuman's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 11, 2008

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