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Location: From Brooklyn 2 the Bay...CALI !
Interests: Keep em' moving on the dance floor!
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Flo Rida Flo Rida - “Sugar ft. Wynter Gordon”

“Smart choice using the Eiffel 65 sample. Not a big Flo fan, but I know the local radio here would play the hell out of this one.”

DJPAUSE's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 10, 2009
Melanie Fiona Melanie Fiona - “Give It To Me Right (Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes & Raekwon”

“Saw her last month in Soho. Wow she is amazing live. She looked like she had been doing this forever instead of being a new member of the ROC Nation preparing to release her freshman album. Like the this as well.”

DJPAUSE's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 06, 2009
O'Neal McKnight O'Neal McKnight - “Champagne Red Lights (Pt. II)”

“Too much AutoTune for me but you gotta hear this song in a club...on a club system. I've played it twice and energy of the place lights up! Agree with Macli wish it was a Busta only track.”

DJPAUSE's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 04, 2009
Huey Huey - “No Make Up ft. Trey Songz”

“Okay I listened to this song three times and it is growing on me. I think because we have all heard this sound so many times before, but it is that very fact that will cause this one to do well. If it gets radio play no one will notice that Huey is weak on this track...Treys hook and Soundz production will carry this song.”

DJPAUSE's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 11, 2008
Mack 10
Mack 10 - “Big Balla ft. Birdman & Glasses Malone”

“True Cali SH*T right here ya! The beat is banannas..driving down the 80 listening to this one..yeah true cali sound..BANGER!!”

DJPAUSE's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 11, 2008

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