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Over Promo Photo Drake - “Over”

“1) Set it off was a movie in which Jada Pinkett stars he is not calling her a bitch... 2)While i will agree with most its not a singy song like most people thought they were gonna get from him from listening to any of his previous stuff 3) His word play makes this song, the beat is a bit childish but its better than any of the top songs out right now (Lemonade is the chopsticks beat, O they do it is a garage band hit, and others are wicked electronic) 4) I'm not giving Drake a pass, i don't want folks to be like he rides on this hard 5) As for the song itself its tight, verses are addicting, catchy as hell the beat isn't something you want to hear under Drake because we've crowned him the second coming, i'm sorry for your high standards 6) YOU WILL HEAR THIS SONG EVERYWHERE!!! It will be on your IPOD, in rotation and will be a good video 7)Think about all the room he is leaving himself, we have heard his super potent flows and this isn't one of them but I just can't help but to think other tracks will be tight”

djxclusive's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 09, 2010
Kid CuDi Kid CuDi - “Cudderisback [Freestyle]”

“This is Classic CuDi, the man is an animal...he rips this beat with malicious thoughts behind it”

djxclusive's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 06, 2009
Hard Promo Photo Rihanna - “Hard”

“this song is going to be one of those songs that gets requested to be spun at least 3 times a night”

djxclusive's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 10, 2009
Juelz Santana Juelz Santana - “Mixing up the Medicine”

“This Is a Track Mad Heads are already asking for, this is a banger”

djxclusive's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 23, 2009
Kid CuDi Kid CuDi - “Pursuit Of Happiness”

“Cudi's Verses are actually tight as hell in this track, he may not go hella hard on every track but this here is gonna drive the hood nuts. PLUS the work of MGMT is wicked tight here (this will be a song to mess with) As for the CUDI > Drake... that is a fallacy DRAKE is 101% better...the guitar at the end is filthy 3.75 Stars but I cant rate like that.”

djxclusive's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 17, 2009

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