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T-Pain T-Pain - “Chopped N Skrewed ft. Ludacris”

“This isn't anything amazing. But it's going to sell. T-Pain makes what the people want to hear. Give it a month. This will be tearing up ever pop station and club coast to coast. 3 for the song, and 5 for T-Pain's production and market ability. So 4”

grubix's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 19, 2008
XV XV - “High Five ft. Theophilus London”

“This shit is hot. There's really nothing generic about it other than maybe the repeating chorus line (which I'm not a huge fan of). But it works here. I really can't wait until he puts a lot of other rappers to shame lyrically. This dude pulls rhymes straight out nowhere. I'm really getting tired of gettin money, trappin, and rolling up to the club on 26's.”

grubix's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 17, 2008
Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa - “Ink My Whole Body”

“If this makes an album, I'm sure that the into will be changed. It's pretty whack. Not to mention I'm not a huge fan of intro's more than a few seconds long anyways. But the rest is totally straight. Wiz is the most articulate new rapper I've heard in a while. His flow is off the hook. And Johnny J definitely laid down some fired on the beats.”

grubix's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 15, 2008
Make It Hot Promo Photo Wiz Khalifa - “Make It Hot”

“This track is a club banger no questions asked. Wiz is one of the fastest rising guys in the industry. Personally I think the vocoder works great here. These are the kind of tracks it should be reserved for. It plays well into the whole electronic theme. I would like to see what it sounds like maybe with some RnB artist on the hook instead. But you have to think about it this way... it costs a lot of green to get another decent artist on a track to sing the hook. Wiz has only been signed to WB for a year or so now. He's just been getting his feet wet. Gotta give him props.”

grubix's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 31, 2008

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