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Raje' - “Loser (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga”

“The volume of the drums in the beat ruin what we hear in the intro. Still, this may be one of my favorites of the month. Again, I don't see why there are such low ratings here.”

no homo's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 30, 2009
Maino Maino - “All The Above ft. T-Pain”

“I'm a sucker for a beat with a violin. I feel the beat so much more. This doesn't eclipse my F.O.A.T which is Won't Let You Down, but I gotta say this will be one of my favorite songs for a little while. Other than "Be Me" which also featured a violin, I haven't liked many other Maino songs, but have been hoping he put out another production like it. Finally.”

no homo's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 29, 2009
Akon Akon - “I'm So Paid (Video Version) ft. Young Jeezy & Lil' Wayne”

“Who is that singing as an echo in the 2nd part of the chorus. for some reason that part sticks out to me and makes the rest of this song a straight classic.”

no homo's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 21, 2008
Live Your Life Promo Photo T.I. - “Live Your Life”

“Out of the 4 or 5 singles released off Paper Trail, I consider No Matter What, Whatever you Like and now Live Your Life among my favorite songs of all-time. NEVER have I had more than 2 songs on one album on that list. I wasn't the biggest T.I. fan but I liked some of his old stuff. Now, it seems like he's coming out with straight fire followed by more fire. He's just moved past Chamillionaire as my favorite rapper.”

no homo's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 18, 2008
Jeezy Jeezy - “My President Is Black ft. Nas”

“it's the beat that got me..”

no homo's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 24, 2008

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