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XV XV - “Mirror's Edge (Benzi Remix)”

“AMAZING remix to an already great song...if yall aren't up on XV, check his latest mixtape "Everybody's Nobody" hosted by DJ Enuff....also got "Everybody's Nobody (We Got The Remix)" hosted by DJ Benzi - can't wait for that one!”

Jaydee08's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 05, 2009
AC AC - “Crush ft. XV”

“Everyone has a right to their opinions - so WOW has just enough right to post how he feels about a song as Burmy does - However, WOW you are right that this song might not have the flavor that your typical Top-Hits radio station might gear their playlist toward (which seems is the kind of music you tend to like - the Hurricane Chris's, the Yo Gotti's, the Soulja Boi's of the world) - BUT, what the song DOES have is the lyrical ability to tell a story - a story that people can personally relate to - a story that means something...after all, that IS what where the roots of HIP-HOP stemmed from. So, what should be special to you about this song is this type of lyrical poetry led to the blossoming of such artists as the ones you like to endorse. But anyway, the lyrics in this song are fire! And the smooth, relaxing, production is icing on the cake”

Jaydee08's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 01, 2009
XV XV - “A Girl Named Destiny ft. AC”

“Oh you simple minded people that can't HEAR the true lyrics behind the song...he, along with talking about destiny, connects to hurricane katrina in his first verse...and because he stood up destiny, it saved him from katrina... this is from XV himself: TODAY…I dropped, “A Girl Named Destiny” featuring AC. I talk about a girl we all know named, Destiny, but I stand her up. And it saves my life.\ ————————————————————————— I met this girl named Destiny. I knew that she would be the death of me. Too pretty for her own good, You prolly seen her out in yo’ hood. But she caught me, called me, on August 23rd, 3 years ago, but I still remember her words. She said come down south, right now I’m in Alabama. But in a few of days I’m a be in Louisiana. I’m just chillin’ out with my Grandma, I miss you though, and your Midwest stammar, so hit the road. No, baby, I gotta finish some beats. Besides, I thought we was goin’ to Texas in a week. She said if you don’t come we prolly will never meet. And if you stand me up we prolly will never speak. I heard her homegirl Katrina came to look her up. I had a date with destiny, I’m glad I stood her up. ———————————————————————————— So, “destiny” is calling me to come meet her in Louisiana. I stand her up. And Katrina comes. Mind boggling. Get ready for a CRAZY record tonight.”

Jaydee08's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 24, 2008

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