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Name:   noonfeature
Location: london
Interests: goin out,chillin,listening to good music,
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Join Date:          July 13, 2008

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Rhymefest Rhymefest - “How High”

“nice from fest,some good quality verses and that smooth hook does the job for its been said,surprised he hasn't been snatched up by kanye yet,maybe if el che creates a buzz he will be”

noonfeature's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 18, 2010
Re-Up Gang
Re-Up Gang - “The Raw Is Back (Andrew Kelley Remix)”

“love me some clipse but nothing really stood out on this,styles was nathan said like my clipse a little bit more grittier...did like the wire reference tho lol”

noonfeature's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 18, 2010
Ludacris Ludacris - “I Do It for Hip Hop”

“u no what at first i wasn't feeling it like most of y'all on here,but when i really took a good listen,it is some quite epic ish lool..i love me soom roots and think they should gt abit more praise,but with that being said luda shows how a live performance should be done,just imagine if black had spit an verse on the middle on tht....”

noonfeature's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 17, 2010
Jah Cure Jah Cure - “Unconditional Love”

“wow! thats all i can say about this song. this is the type of music that transcends every barrier u can think off....i can just sit here and listen to this song for hours have to give it top marks. if you like cure check out his song with alison hinds,not as good as this but still oretty good lol...peace and love”

noonfeature's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 17, 2010
Rick Ross Rick Ross - “Maybach Music Pt. 2 ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & T-Pain”

“dnt understand why people have been given this 1star..thts just being a hater.yea great names dnt mean great music...but damn this is great music,i wudnt call it classic yet but every1 delivers on this frm the production to weezy(no auto-tune,more respect).ross is on point on this track,and i like most dnt care about his past as z said ITS ALL MUSIC. 4stars”

noonfeature's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 10, 2009

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