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Million Star Hotel Promo Photo Nikki Jean - “Million Star Hotel”

“....you know a song is impressive when you can play it repetitively and still be extremely excited by the prospect of re-pressing the play button at its end. i feel this is classic and im voting as such.”

yubu8's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 20, 2011
Jamie Drastik Jamie Drastik - “Save Me”

“damn much respect. anything with a good message deserves a banger”

yubu8's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 11, 2011
T.I. T.I. - “Welcome to the World”

“man its days like today when im a prod T.I fan this is magic right here, all its missing though is B.o.B and if anybody heard his verse on the teach me how to dougie r emix you would know why!”

yubu8's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 25, 2010
David Banner David Banner - “What Did I Do?”

“yup DB this works man this works! like DJZ album is going to be B.O.M.B! watchoutttttt!!!!!!!!!”

yubu8's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 19, 2010
Take One for the Team Promo Photo Kanye West - “Take One for the Team”

“awhhhh man im on the fence for this one, its super fresh at points but played out on others(the beat) it doesnt grab me like the christian dior denim flo beat+hook, as so i gotta rate it 3.6 last release i didnt feel either.... so im ehh!”

yubu8's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 18, 2010

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