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C-Murder C-Murder - “One False Move (Remix) ft. Akon, Young Buck, & B.G.”

AzRealAsDeyCum's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 25, 2008
B.G. B.G. - “Hustle ft. Young Jeezy”

AzRealAsDeyCum's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 23, 2008
Chopper City Boyz
Chopper City Boyz - “Keep It Real ft. Alfamega”

“This is a nice fiya street single. All of them did extremely well on this track and the production was great. If most of the album turns out this way, then it will be a solid album, no doubt!”

AzRealAsDeyCum's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 22, 2008
VL Mike
VL Mike - “Money In Here ft. Mannie Fresh”

“This is a great track, I notice something about the people who be on here dissing certain artist. I notice that the artist they like are completely different from the one's their so quick to diss. So if you're taste in music is different, then of course you're not going to feel something different. But back to the track. This shit is hot, great production, VL Mike delivers on a club track with street lyrics, just how I like my club songs. You won't find no weak, pop, dancing, chanting lyrics here. But that gutta street shit on a club like level. If you into real Gangsta rappers, niggas that spit that street shit. Then VL Mike (R.I.P.) really brings it. I said it once before and I'll say it again. In the South Louisiana got that gangsta rap shit on lock, especially New Orleans artist. They really bring that murder, murder, kill, kill, get it how you live, kill or be killed music. Nobody can take that away from them. None of these so called D-Boy gangsta rappers. That's why I mess with their artist so hard. Been a fan of gangsta rap and I love that raw gutta shit!”

AzRealAsDeyCum's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 26, 2008
Jeezy Jeezy - “Put On ft. Kanye West”

“This is a great song. Both Young Jeezy and Kanye delivers on this track. Great production as well. Although I don't consider Jeezy all that gangsta compared to some of the other more rawer gangsta rappers out there. I think he makes great music, his swagga, combined with the great production on his albums is what brings him out.”

AzRealAsDeyCum's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 14, 2008

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