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White Dude Promo Photo Lil Dicky - “White Dude”

“Lil' Dickys mixtape is rare for a new M.C., in that he sticks to the roots of hip-hop and despite somewhat humorous topics from time to time, he respects the culture. He obviously takes this shit seriously, he does not come at you with gimmicky shit- his flow is real, his lyrics are dope and the beats he's using are fresh. When someone comes in the game like this, and not on some gimmick shit, despite the fact that they are caucasian and the deck's already stacked against them as new artists, you have to respect his contribution. Im getting more than tired of hearing about motherfuckers and thier money. LD paints pictures with words, a craft thats been lost with todays artists, both newbies and veterans. 5 stars, cant wait to see his future shit blow up. ”

Horrible Black's Rating:                     Posted on May 24, 2013

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