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SING Promo Photo Ed Sheeran - “SING”

“Ed Sheeran is a breath of fresh air! This track is straight funky and I'm really loving the guitar use here!”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 09, 2014
Sunshine (Remix) Promo Photo Wale - “Sunshine (Remix)”

“I like the sample work by Tone P & Stokley! It really does the original and remix justice. Adding Common into the mix certainly raises the bar. I also appreciate Rick Ross stepping up to the plate lyrically against his co-features. This deserves more listens...”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 01, 2014
Smoke Again Promo Photo Chance the Rapper - “Smoke Again”

“Dope production and verse by Chance (interesting fellow isn't he?)! Ab-Soul was a little weak on here but even his weakest verse are some rapper's best material (cough 2 Chainz)”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 10, 2014
The Worst Guys Promo Photo Childish Gambino - “The Worst Guys”

“Has a nice groove to it! I actually wanted a 16 bar verse from Chance but this will do...”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 10, 2014
Cold Case Promo Photo Elle Varner - “Cold Case”

“I love the production and vocals! Lets hope that this leads to a possible LP later this year.”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 06, 2014

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Beyoncé Promo Photo Beyoncé - “Beyoncé”

“I respect the low key release of the album. I've just finished the LP and I have to say that this album is good time. I really dig 40's skittering drums on "Mine" and the D' Angelo Devil's Pie influenced "Rocket"! Both have a subtly sexy sound where Beyonce simply rides the beat. "Pretty Hurts" and "Haunted" are sonically made for pop radio, it has that unique feel Beyonce can reach out to different platforms. She is out of her comfort zone and it feels nice, even when end results are a little shaky. This album is not without its flaws, trust me there are some flaws! At this point, do we really need another Jay/B collaboration? Especially, when Jay-Z's contributions have been on the weaker side in recent memory (On the Run Part II and Hollywood); its not really necessary. Also, "Flawless" is a surprisingly shallow considering the controversy of feminism and "Bow Down". The song deserves some context to which Beyonce provides. By the time Beyonce uses a recorded sample of famed author's speech to clarify the message on the issue, the poignant speech is concluded with a pretty shallow hook. Her rock, ride, and diamond are flawless. I'm a little indifferent to "Superpower" which is co-written and features Frank Ocean. The vocal performances are on point but the song does very little since its not very well written. The album is nice turn for Beyonce because she really shows that she can switch up the formula! She could have very well released another "4" or "Sasha Fierce" but she didn't and I can get behind that. Lastly, I must give kudos to the producers of the album who search for different sounds to catch the listener off guard and help Beyonce find a refreshed sound. This album (missteps aside) is worthy of a couple full listen and success for breaking the mold of the expected. Album Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars ”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 13, 2013
Sail Out EP Promo Photo Jhené Aiko - “Sail Out EP”

“Another smooth piece of music, courtesy of Jhene Aiko. I'm really loving the chemistry between Jhene's vocals and Fisticuffs' production. Although, its not as well rounded a project as her last mix-tape, its still solid listen! Best Tracks: 3:16 AM & WTH ”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                   Posted on Nov 12, 2013
My Name Is My Name Promo Photo Pusha T - “My Name Is My Name”

“Pusha T's debut has finally arrived! Let me just say this, it was quite worth the wait. Immediately, I found gems like the throwback "Suicide" where Pusha reunites with an old collaborator Ab-Liba and Pharrell. I also enjoyed "40 Acres" where the emotion of Pusha T's determination not to fail back to the street corner was very palpable! Of course, my biggest surprise is "Hold On" where feature Rick Ross verse actually had a felt presence. Unlike, "Millions" where neither rapper took it to great heights. However, some minor complaints go to "Let Me Love You", which features Kelly Rowland doesn't really do much. Also, "Who I Am" features some pretty underwhelming verses from 2 Chainz and Big Sean compared to Pusha T's overall performace. In summary, this album is quite a ride and with some missteps aside, it makes for a pretty enjoyable listen!”

Mr.RapGuy's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013

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