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Name:   XV
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XV XV - “Mirror's Edge (Benzi Remix)”

“It's been a while since I've posted on The Booth, but I figured this song DESERVED a post since it is as big to me as it is to some of you all who have been following me on DJBooth for well over a year now and seen my progress. But, this remix was a point in my career where I actually felt like...wow...this is REALLY happening? I'm from Kansas, a state right above Texas so you already know Bun B is KING around here. And for him to not only know who I was when I reached out, but to also deliver his verse in less that 5 hours of me asking, was remarkable to me. Expect some REALLY BIG REMIXES on the DJ Benzi project, and even more surprises on my album I'm currently working on. I appreciate DJBooth and everybody on The Booth for showing their support for my music. Much respect!”

XV's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 03, 2009
XV XV - “Funeral of the Tape Deck ft. Donny Goines”

“As always, I have to get on the booth and show my appreciation to those who have commented and rated the song, good or bad. I appreciate ppl just taking TIME out to listen to my music and give an opinion on it. Kayleb, you must not have heard "High Five" or "U Got It" or "Everything Is Cool" on DJBooth, because I RARELY rap over boom-bap beats like this one. And WOW:) I thought you would've gave up on me A LONG TIME ago. LMAOOOO. But I appreciate that you continue to try. But, I definitely don't fit your style of music. But thanks to everybody and much love to Brian "Z" for dropping it on the site. www.THECOOLNIVERSE.com”

XV's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 06, 2008
XV XV - “U Got It ft. Lil' Wayne”

“What's going on DJBOOTH!! This is XV dropping by just to show my love and support for all of those dropping comments and criticism. I truly appreciate your comments and opinions. If you'd like to get a feel for some more of my music, and who I am as an artist, check out my MySpace @ myspace.com/XtotheVizzy. Also stop by my blogsite if you have the chance @ www.TheCoolniverse.com! Much Love, Over & Out P.S. (It's X-V, not 15)”

XV's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 23, 2008

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