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Name:   DameSlash
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Interests: Music, Sports, Cars, Clothes, Women
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Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - “My Darlin' Baby”

“I like that one. It's a cool tune. I would bang it.”

DameSlash's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 28, 2009
Drake Drake - “Forever”

“Ugh!!!! THIS SONG WAS STRAIGHT UP SICKENING!!!! I'M ABOUT TO GET MY ISLAND ON!!! MO FIYA MO FIYA!!! If they had six stars I'd give it to this song.”

DameSlash's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 28, 2009
Bed Rock Promo Photo Young Money - “Bed Rock”

“Dang, I guess I'm just full of comparison scenarios today because at this point I think that Young Money could possibly be the present day No Limit. Am I wrong??? Wayne and Drake are word play masterminds and Nicki gets it in too. Side Note: Not to mention that she's sexy as hell anyways. But Gudda is always so so for some reason. I think he might need a ghost writer. Millz is cool. He does his thing from time to time. Tyga was okay. I know he can do better but it was okay. Lloyd is alright as usual. I mean, he has some songz that was just complete smashes but this one was something I could tolerate from him. All around, it's a 3.5”

DameSlash's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 28, 2009
Drake Drake - “Fear”

“This song is so chill that I gotta give it the classic rating. Some people fail to understand the concept of his style of flow. It's a mental thing. Some might think that it is Kanye-esque but at the same time do you hear the stuff that Kanye is talking about. Similarities in style of wordplay are gonna be similar when you're comparing two artists that are self-conscious and baring all criticism from what they do or how they do it. But if you look at Drake's lyrics and the type of delivery that he rhymes with, it's not as Kanye-esque as you think it is. But anyways, back to the song. This joint is hot and I will most definitely put this in my Chillmode Playlist.”

DameSlash's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 11, 2009
Kanye West Kanye West - “See You In My Nightmares ft. Lil Wayne”

“Even though I heard this a long time ago, this is my cut right here. I have to bump this. It's different but it has that sound that makes it a classic in my book”

DameSlash's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 13, 2009

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