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I Am Not A Human Being II Promo Photo Lil Wayne - “I Am Not A Human Being II”

“Obviously the DJ booth review above along with almost all the other reviews I've read, the listeners haven't heard the whole album. How do you not mention "God Bless Amerika?" That's easily the best song on the IANAHBII and also one of my favorite Wayne songs period. The poetry and politics in the song are beautiful. "Trigger Finger" was a great track, his flow and rhymes are friggen tight. I don't get it, if your not gonna take the time to listen to every song carefully, then how can you be a legitimate critic of music? Ridiculous. Wayne hasn't fallen off in the least, he may have his inconsistancies, but he is an amazingly talented artist. ”

Keon Reza Sheikhvand's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 28, 2013

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