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RZA RZA - “Destiny Bends (Paul Walker Tribute)”

“Beautifully produced track by RZA, the kid on the vocals sounds great. R.I.P. Paul Walker”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 02, 2013
Secrets Promo Photo Jr. Hi - “Secrets”

“Didn't enjoy it at first, but it really grew on me a lot now. Let's see what Jr got up to next.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 23, 2013
Man of THe Year Promo Photo ScHoolboy Q - “Man of THe Year”

“Please let this be on the album.. this was one of the most anticipated records. Lost my f**kin' mind, this ish straight bangs, really catchy and big produced! Stuck on replay for the last 20 min. When the beat drops, goddamn.. favorite new single from Q for sure. ”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 20, 2013
Devil May Cry Promo Photo The Weeknd - “Devil May Cry”


Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 16, 2013
Childish Gambino Childish Gambino - “Melrose”

“I'm not a stan, but even though there's no verse and just a hook over this, it's just too smooth and it's a great play at night. Feels like a haunting christmas track. Could work as a closer to the album, let's see if Aiko or Gambino will add something to this, still it got a big empty spot for vocals.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 09, 2013

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Nasser Naz AB W's TOP ALBUMS

My Name Is My Name Promo Photo Pusha T - “My Name Is My Name”

“Experimental intstrumentals and banger beats, Pusha T delievers as always, hungrier than ever. Been a regularly play for me, a if not the top release of this years (weak) mainstream rap scene. Though this year it's genre was more experimental and exotic with it's sound than before, the main thing that others lacked were lyrics. Artist such as Kanye West, Drake and even Jay-Z at some point, the production they was backed with almost even outshined them, so I'm glad to see that Pusha's pen game was up to par and delieverd delightful, ear grabbing lines. Thanks Push, thanks also for tracks like "King Push", "Numbers On The Boards" and "Nosetalgia" which I do rank as one of the best songs to be released in 2013!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Nov 11, 2013
Better Off Dead Promo Photo Flatbush ZOMBiES - “Better Off Dead”

“They have improved production wise and lyrically a lot, mos def a top five mixtape/free album and a top ten rap release. A few spins more and I could see it beat out the most. Great, great work. Entertained all the way through this 19 tracks long tape!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013
Run The Jewels Promo Photo Run The Jewels - “Run The Jewels”

“Album of the year material. Nuff said actually when they've earlier proven their great projects together, as seen on last years "R.A.P. Music". I love this, more, give us more of this. A duo that actually stands-out and fight each other with hungry verses, something the mainstream scene is missing out. An album like "Watch The Throne" just ended up boring at the end of the day, with too much "I'm giving you this, look I'm at the top just bragging about the dough I've got, *non competitive* with this poppy ass hook" and less "I'm going out with this raw verses, I'm the best, try and get me". See and learn, Killer Mike and El-P got this, their chemistry between each other is better than the most, that is what matter at the end. "Run The Jewels" is a fantastic record!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013

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