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All Falls Down Promo Photo Kanye West - “All Falls Down”

“CLASSIC. The last line “We all self-conscious, I'm just the first to admit it” has served as the credo of Ye's whole career.”

Michael Burmeister's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 13, 2013
V.S.O.P Promo Photo K. Michelle - “V.S.O.P”

“I remember the first time I heard her on "Can't Go On" on the Booth back in '08...from dat moment, I started following her, and once I heard her attitude towards the music biz, I IMMEDIATELY jumped on her movement, spreading the word right here in WI...fast-forward to today, and everybody loves her now. This is an ANTHEM, fit to be the first single! K always brings that power with her vocals, and Pop & Oak are POWERFUL with their beat (which actually samples the Chi-Lites' "That's How Long," same song Just Blaze sampled on Jay-Z's "December 4th" from The Black Album-K just samples "Very Special" on the hook). In opposition to many songs falling into mechanized beats, this song is a classic, which a live band could do SERIOUS justice to! Bottom line: I'm HYPED to hear this and to hear the world know what we knew back in '08...Rebellious Soul drops July 30, and I'll be bumping it all mid-summer!”

Michael Burmeister's Rating:                     Posted on May 21, 2013
One of Those Nights Promo Photo Juicy J - “One of Those Nights”

“I was scared when I saw this...because those are NOT two artists I'd expect to collabo. (Having bumped plenty of Three 6 in my day and sticking around for the Oscar win and even through "Lolli Lolli," Juiceman's Taylor Gang run had threatened to break the camel's back) But overall, this was SOLID. Sounds like something that could've been on "Last 2 Walk"...would be a nice touch if DJ Paul does a verse for the remix.”

Michael Burmeister's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 04, 2013
Body Party Promo Photo Ciara - “Body Party”

“*slowly claps, then turns into thundering applause* Now THIS is what that real R&B/soul is about! Best song from her since "Promise". Will be coppin' if the album has more like this.”

Michael Burmeister's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 04, 2013

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