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Name:   Matthew101
Location: Salem Oregon
Interests: Sports The Portland Trail Blazers Music Baning Beats Video Games
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Plies Plies - “Pants Hang Low ft. Mannie Fresh”

“This is a great song to me. I dont know why there are so many low ratings. Well maybe because it aint some cliche female girl song because if it was that then it would average a 4.”

Matthew101's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 07, 2009
Game Game - “One Blood (Remix)”

“Again BEST SONG EVER!!!!!”

Matthew101's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 09, 2008
Ludacris Ludacris - “Wish You Would ft. T.I.”

“This is a very suprising colabo between these two guys. These guys have beefed in the past with T.I Shounting I'm the King Of The South on every song got Ludacris angry because he clearly has acomplished more then T.I. I mean I watched Beef the series three on BET an towards the end of that show it had versed from both these guys beefing with each other I mean hell T.I recently punched Ludacrisis Executive Producer Chaka Zulu so these guys have had there promblems. But oviousley its over now and to this song now its hot with this banning beat on this song. Its much better then that What them girls Like song while I gave that song a 4 I listened to that again and I just thought that just a sellout cliche female song with Chris Fruity Brown on it I dont know on that song anymore this song returns Ludacris back to that hard type song that I like from him. But Ludacris is still the King Of The South not T.I or Lil Wayne or any other artist from there. Ludacris has acomplished more then any other southern rap artist so hes the best from there.”

Matthew101's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 09, 2008
Nas Nas - “Hero ft. Keri Hilson”

“Again why aint this song like number one on the billboard chart? Hell I havent even heard it on radio in the area im at. I mean that I Kissed a Girl shit is the number 1 song. That song sucks. The way she says "I liked it" is so annoying the tone of her voice. It just shows you whats wrong with music I mean pretty much everbody likes this song so it should be a big radio hit yet its not. Again Radio sucks in general they dont play well over half the songs out there why is that? They always just play the same 6 songs for months on end to it kills you I mean they can easily play more songs when you can find new songs like everday.”

Matthew101's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 06, 2008
T.I. T.I. - “What Up, What's Haapnin'”

“You dont understand how much I love this song.”

Matthew101's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 06, 2008

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