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Name:   Que_FreeMind
Location: Stone Mountain, GA
Interests: Rap, Music, Production, Preforming
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Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus Promo Photo Lupe Fiasco - “Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus”

“I love That Lupe isnt trying to stay in the box of just rap. And he is doing it well.”

Que_FreeMind's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 25, 2013
B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix) Promo Photo Kendrick Lamar - “B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)”

“Hovah!!!!....... Sorry Jay, K-Dot got this one. Kendrick verse is one to remember and really take a good look at its poetic and lyrical content. No disrespect to King Hov.”

Que_FreeMind's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 17, 2013
Only You Can Tell It Promo Photo Pusha T - “Only You Can Tell It”

“Might just be the most dope beat I have heard so far this week.... Pusha does his usual high end rhyming and Wale goes off.. Best I've heard from Pusha in a long time..”

Que_FreeMind's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 03, 2013
Gangsta Promo Photo Kat Dahlia - “Gangsta”

“Rare talent and very original style. She takes a unique lyrical stand point that reminds me Ab-Soul or J. Cole. Beat by J.Dens fits the vibe of the lyrics. Perfect mix of R&b and rap. Excited to hear more!!!”

Que_FreeMind's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 14, 2012
Ab-Soul Ab-Soul - “Only 1”

“Ab-Soul continues his growth as a artist and lyricist. Soulo absolutely ripps Willie B's 5 star production. His lyrical mix of ignorance and knowledge is top notch!!!!! Black Lip Pastor!!!”

Que_FreeMind's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 13, 2012

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Folarin Promo Photo Wale - “Folarin”

“Wale is back is perfect form!! Lyrics.. Flows... Production... All A1!!!”

Que_FreeMind's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 04, 2013

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