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Name:   Colin Boudreau
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Colin Boudreau's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Ridin' on a Storm  Promo Photo Connor Evans - “Ridin' on a Storm ”

“These last three singles have made me nothing short of excited for his upcoming album. He's putting everything and all he has into it, and you can feel it through the music he's making. #GLL”

Colin Boudreau's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 08, 2013
Kings, Queens & Love Promo Photo Connor Evans - “Kings, Queens & Love”

“I can promise everyone that this next project is going to be jaw dropping. You all aren't even ready for it. ”

Colin Boudreau's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 28, 2013
Hipsters & PrimaDonnas  Promo Photo Connor Evans - “Hipsters & PrimaDonnas ”

“this fool has only gotten better over time. and if you ask me, he's only going to get better. when you dedicate as much energy, and generate as much passion and love for your craft as this kid does, you're destined for great success. #GreenLightLife get on board before the train leaves the station. ”

Colin Boudreau's Rating:                     Posted on May 14, 2013
Home to the West Promo Photo Connor Evans - “Home to the West”

“this kid is the truth. he's been doing it for years, and has only gotten better. keep an eye out for this kid, he's going places! great vid, excellent song! #GLL”

Colin Boudreau's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2013
More Like a Suggestion Promo Photo Connor Evans - “More Like a Suggestion”

“awesome. continuously exceeding expectations, as expected. keep up the work, this is just the beginning”

Colin Boudreau's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 13, 2013

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Colin Boudreau's TOP ALBUMS

The Road to Coachella Promo Photo Connor Evans - “The Road to Coachella”

“a window into the artist that is Connor Evans. his best work yet. if you aren't excited for what's to come, you aren't listening close enough. #GLL. this shit is fucking amazing. ”

Colin Boudreau's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 23, 2013

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