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See Me Now Promo Photo Kanye West - “See Me Now”

“Somehow i know once i hear the album, theres gonna be that one song that this could replace...Its solid i hate the hook tho. Nice track from Ye”

Da Bayou Boy's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 12, 2010
Los Los - “Never Landing”

“Finally yall put my man Los on here...His mixtape is pure fire...Dude been killin the game since the A millie remix. Download his mixtape and tell me his shit aint hot!!!”

Da Bayou Boy's Rating:                     Posted on May 14, 2010
Consequence Consequence - “Don't Stand So Close to Me”

“Yup same djs give the same ratings lol smh This track dope fu@k wat they say. Do like DJ Z and download it right now...”

Da Bayou Boy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 26, 2010
Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda - “I Don't Like the Look (Willy Wonka)”

“I see the only person i can agree with on this is Mike Dreams he seems to speak the truth no matter whos song it is...half yall wack asses prolly didnt even listen to the joint. You see other DJ's reviews and dont wanna be the odd man out...if Drake spit the same flow Gudda did yall would have said "ahh he went hard he killed that record" i can predict 5 of yalls(not gon say no names)ratings before i even scroll down...damn shame. This shit aint no one star...”

Da Bayou Boy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 26, 2010
Over Promo Photo Drake - “Over”

“Its a banger that will grow on ppl. The hook is mediocre but catchy as fuck, I think Drake did the right thing as we all will see later. Im just glad its not some POP SONG TRASH. Lyrically its ok and i can deal with that. But the VIBE on this joint is Crazy...Epic video comin soon.”

Da Bayou Boy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 06, 2010

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