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Hip Hop Promo Photo DJ Khaled - “Hip Hop”

“About time ScarFace & Nas brang me back to the good ol days when u understood music wasnt ment to get to ur head, u understood it was ment to relate to n feel u needed to change get goosebumps like DAMN!! - This Cant be life I know someones gotta know what i mean by (This Cant be life) Its about time Nas is back!! his verse reminds me of Illmatic Illmatic - It Was Written - I Am - Nastradamus yea he droped a few cd's but that african american shit he was stuck in was annoying.. u was born here! theres no such country as africa america so how u african american? u black(ebony) american my dude..”

Jack Jones's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 20, 2012
Pop That Promo Photo French Montana - “Pop That”

“good song but im startin to not like rick ross n wayne no more.. Wayne - swears hes white but talks bout white people, (it gets boring) Rick ross- he swears hes a mobster n hes a theif, i dont mean this in a criminal way either. teflon don? come on thats john gotti. free way ricki ross thats a REAL drug dealer.. stop stealing names.. u aint shit ur not much diff then shakes spear!! u write about whats cool to get into kids head mean while u aint built for it! wayne talks bout skating in this song.. so let me guess black people invented skate board'n n want white people follow them now? haha ya SUCK! skaters been wear'n baggie pants n skinny jeans since the 80's u guys claim em n say white people copy.. All this from a Spic..”

Jack Jones's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 05, 2012

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