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Name:   XxJackmodexX
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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New National Anthem Promo Photo T.I. - “New National Anthem”

“Added to playlist = 4 stars. TI absolutely goes off on this track. Great chorus from Skylar Grey. I love the production on the track. Great transitions between the verse and chorus.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 05, 2014
Be Free Promo Photo J. Cole - “Be Free”

“Wow, really feel the emotion in this song. This way J Cole's voice nearly breaks really adds to the song. Great production.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 05, 2014
X Promo Photo Chris Brown - “X”

“I think this is a beautiful mixture of R&B and EDM. Great production from Diplo. Highlights CB's amazing vocals, and has a build up into two different dancey mixes, both got me nodding my head.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 05, 2014
Flawless (Remix) Promo Photo BeyoncĂ© - “Flawless (Remix)”

“Wow, great collab. Not much to criticize on this track. hit-boy brings the punch on this track.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 21, 2014
Seen It All  Promo Photo Jeezy - “Seen It All ”

“Great track from Jeezy and Jay-Z. Cardo went all in with this track. Love the high pitch flute sound over the track. Man Jay-Z really packs a punch on his verse. Jeezy holds his own.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 21, 2014

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XxJackmodexX's TOP ALBUMS

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Promo Photo Eminem - “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”

“Eminem's lyricism, flow, and artistic ability on display. Even with such high expectations set by naming it after one of the most coveted albums of all time, he still manages to impress. Littered with nostalgia, wit, humor, and hell-bent passion. This will be remembered as one of the best hip-hop albums of this decade. It has been quite some time since I've enjoyed an album, as much as this, from front to back.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                   Posted on Nov 07, 2013
7 Deadly EP Promo Photo SIN - “7 Deadly EP”

“Really digging the track F*ck With Me”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 14, 2013
King Remembered In Time Promo Photo Big K.R.I.T. - “King Remembered In Time”

“Solid mixtape from Big KRIT, tough to give a rating to an album I have only listened through twice, but I am pretty confident with a 4 star rating. Big KRIT continues to impress, looking forward to seeing him collaborate with more of my favorite artists.”

XxJackmodexX's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 10, 2013

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