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Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - “Lollipop (Remix) ft. Kanye West & Static Major”

“Jesus waynes so lucky the beat is nice.And he's smart for having kanye for the remix. The Shit lil wayne says is just total bullshit.It's always bitches that cars this. ig to money and shit like that. Wayne. Get like Lupe Fiasco. Kanye. Great job.”

HeAT's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 21, 2008
Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco - “Where Do I Go”

“Genius! i'm Not surprised. Lupe has just explained another hard-time in life..He should be the one that calims best rapper alive. Lil wayne is Just fucked up in everyway. Give Lupe a few years..He'll get there.”

HeAT's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 09, 2008
Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco - “Hip Hop Saved My Life ft. Nikki Jean”

“Woo! he spits like a god. i like how he set his breathing. The one thing about Lupe is that he spits Real shit. I'm not a hater. But just listen to what lil wayne raps about. And you'll see what i'm talking about. This is a classic 10/10”

HeAT's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 14, 2008
Game Game - “Game's Pain ft. Keyshia Cole”

“Ugh. I hate Keyshia cole. But i love her voice. The Game turned his swag around. I like how he dissed Cool j. on a scale of 1/10 i give it a 8. Games voice didnt fit the song. Anyone who said this is a banger knows absolutly nothing about music. It's a classic.. Nuff said.”

HeAT's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 14, 2008
Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco - “The Coolest”

“I swear he's the deepest rapper. He's shittin' on Kanye. Kanye! I mean kanye is deep. real deep. but After i heard a few of Lupe's songs. It's official. Lupe is the future of hip-hop Just imagine him in a few years. He's gonna rocket. Deepest rapper i know. He makes wayne look like shit. (by the way. try to actually listen to what wayne says and you'll see.) i'm giving this a 5. i wish i could give it a 30.”

HeAT's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 12, 2008

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