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Name:   bibi_rios
Location: hoUStonE teXaS baYbaE
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OMG Promo Photo Usher - “OMG”

“it just has to grow on people; i didnt like it at first, now? i love it.”

bibi_rios's Rating:                     Posted on May 04, 2010
50 Cent 50 Cent - “Baby By Me”

“wow; this one's hot. real talk. i still think 50's 21 question's is the shet, but this one's pretty close to it. ;) watch it be a classic..”

bibi_rios's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 20, 2009
T.I. T.I. - “Hell of a Life”

“i like tihs one, and it does sound like somethin i'd wake up to in the moorning. ;) i lke it. :)”

bibi_rios's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 02, 2009
The-Dream The-Dream - “Walking On The Moon ft. Kanye West”

“ha. i've been meaning to comment on this since i first heard it back in may. like i said before on other the dream songs.. EVERYthing he comes out with, i fall in love with.. the dream is the shet and i'm so jealous of christina millian, but as for kanye? [tsk, tsk, tsk] how sad on what happened at the VMA's this past weekend. omg, what he did was SO wrong. he had no right, and poor taylor, i dunno what i woulda done. well before, i didnt hate kanye, he was cool, i actually did like him, but now? wow. i saw a differnet side of him, and that changed things for me. but all in all, this song is great and i jam to it all the time, love it. :)”

bibi_rios's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Mullage - “Trick'n”

“hmm; i thought i had put my review on this already. well, i been jammin tuh this since about 2 months ago, omg. it's the shhhhet! i love it. ;)”

bibi_rios's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 17, 2009

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