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Hip Hop Promo Photo DJ Khaled - “Hip Hop”

“The right kind of producers and instrumental selections have that kind of magic that make the good better, the better best, and the best immortal. Present is all the gravitas associated with Justice League instrumentals as well as the old-school flavor Premo adds in the scratching that Hip-Hops the construction together. There is drama and emotion in this composition from a thick bottom to reverb and piano work but getting more hip-Hop in its movement as the song draws to it’s close with more vocal samples and scratching. And if you love hip-hop, then you will care about all the meaning behind the rhymes and what it’s trying to accomplish. This collaboration is certainly not for the exercise of just another DJ Khaled's project. Every one was really into it! Both Nas & Scarface was given cinematic music to expound upon and with the help of DJ Premier, what you have is the final product worthy of every bit of praise it gets. A carefully crafted piece of Hip Hop perfection!”

Mr.Top Hat's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 10, 2012
Swimming Pools (Drank) Promo Photo Kendrick Lamar - “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

“So glad to hear, even on the verge of his major label debut release and he’s slowly hitting us with more of that same strong undeniably Kendrick Lamar music. Also, props go out to T-Minus for knocking out that TDE sound without letting go of any of his trademark style. The production and mixing is so tightly wound around his vocals which ebb and flow exactly where they should. Kendrick's vocals tone is methodical and measured with a pitch designed to create a deep and dark vibe. And of course, a well-crafted, catchy hook that suck you in and keep hold doesn't hurt the matters. But a legitimate musicality and songwriting ability is also a part and parcel with this package. It IS complex, but with style. It might appear to be the same topic that many rappers talk but with gusto and an overt skill level of execution that most can’t match, and I believe intentionally hides the message that a portion of radio-audience will definitely miss the point. It's a song that make you think about certain situations and habits in your life. Diving deep in a pool full of liquor is probably not the best way to put the brakes on my abuse, but acknowledging the issue is half the battle. Full marks !! Judging by Cartoons & Cereal, The Recipe, and now this gem - the album gone have a good balance of lyrics, beats, content and mass appeal. I'm hyped !!”

Mr.Top Hat's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 14, 2012
Daughters Promo Photo Nas - “Daughters”

“Yep! This is one of those few times in which a single listen wipes away every smidgen of a doubt, resting beneath an unhealthy amount of buzz, and fully certify the song as one with 'something special has been achieved.' There is no false hype or mislabeled tag being thrown here. This right here is truly a timeless classic !!! My mind is blown! Not because I haven't seen or heard a rap song of this type before, its just that execution counts for far more than a unique idea to me. And the verses here have so much depth, but also manage to stay coherent and focused on the central theme of the song. This is why language was created - to express something this complex, with this level of depth, structure and meaning. Fuck. Certainly a very deeply emotional and refined release, displaying all the maturity and dexterity one has come to expect from this renowned figure. The album is getting purchased on the fuckin' first day! Absolute Favorite Lines: "So if her husband is a gangster can't be mad, I'll love him Never, for her I want better, homie in jail - dead that Wait till he come home, you can see where his head's at" "Took her from private school, so she can get a balance To public school, THEY TOO nurture teen talents" "They say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls" "Nah, the way mothers feel for they sons, how fathers feel for they daughters When he date, he straight, chip off his own papa When she date, we wait behind the door with the sawed off" "Not sayin' that our sons are less important."”

Mr.Top Hat's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 27, 2012
The Fellowship Promo Photo BRKF$T CLUB - “The Fellowship”

“Now this what you call an impressive, clever, stylish and highly entertaining start to a promising new group! I'm an instant fan of this, and will most definitely be diggin thru their catalog and keeping up with their future work. It seems they don't have any weak links; all the flows here sound so polished and everyone carries his weight over a simple but effective head-nodding backdrop for 4:30 minutes straight, no chorus!! Extra points for the video, nobody slacks and the flow of the whole video is maintained by all the acts involved creating a more than your average rap song and video! Each emcee has his time to shine and each does with equal talent!”

Mr.Top Hat's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 25, 2012
It's a Tower Heist Promo Photo Nas - “It's a Tower Heist”

“Can't say that I saw this collaboration coming together for the second time, but this is the kind of track any artist would be proud to have on their album. The production itself is simple, but the groove is undeniable from the start that takes this song up a notch and makes it so addictive. The drums alone are straight dripping with attitude. When it comes to on-mic performance, well there's a reason that not many can contest with Nas' output as he continues his lyrical assault on the mic. But Rozay also shows he is equipped enough to team up with Nas Escobar. The latter is unmistakingly the better MC, putting forth a verse more in-tune with the topic, but Ross also delivers his lyrics in such a focused way, he doesn´t ruin a single bar, either. Like it or not, Rick Ross' voice and ad-libs remains one of the most charismatic style in the current music landscape. Anyway, this is more anthemic than both have sounded in awhile. And although this kind of subject matter is not my preferred cup of rap-tea and can get a bit tiresome, this easily navigates potential pitfalls due to its immense sound, and both Nas & Ross are skilled enough to pull it off with style and quality. Plus, the length of the song goes down real easy as well. BANGER!!”

Mr.Top Hat's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 14, 2011

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