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Name:   GoldenUnderground
Location: S.FL
Interests: HIP HOP
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Join Date:          May 7, 2012

Last Login:        February 5, 2014

Total Ratings:    17

GoldenUnderground's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

Cold Rain (Down on Me) Promo Photo Knowledge Medina - “Cold Rain (Down on Me)”

“Tight work! I'm diggin' it. The album is definitely on my radar”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 09, 2013
Thurzdey  Promo Photo Christian'Dee - “Thurzdey ”

“I'm from LA. My name is Christian. My middle initial is D. So right off the bat, i'm a-okay with this cat. This song is ill. Looking forward to more from him and of course #NWLA records”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 09, 2013
Get Fly Promo Photo GQ - “Get Fly”

“GQ done did it again! Excellent work on this one”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 03, 2013
No Matter Promo Photo HaLo - “No Matter”

“I love this track! HaLo, you done did it again! JAMLA IS DA SQUAD yo. But foreal, DJBooth needs to make this available for embedding for my site ;)”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 26, 2013
Came of Age Promo Photo Wally Left - “Came of Age”

“Dope! Don't Sleep! Worrrrduuuuuuuuuuup”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                     Posted on May 06, 2013

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GoldenUnderground's TOP ALBUMS

Bury Me in the Atlantic Promo Photo Numonics - “Bury Me in the Atlantic”

“I can dig it. As usual, Nu comes thru with the fire. #Dabtropolis all day”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 05, 2014
Not for Nothing Promo Photo Saheed - “Not for Nothing”

“Great work by the 2 homies. Much respect!”

GoldenUnderground's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 03, 2013

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