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Name:   King Chandler
Location: Milford, MA
Interests: Hip-Hop, PS3 & The Boston Bruins
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Golden State (Of Mind) Promo Photo Copywrite - “Golden State (Of Mind)”

“I can't believe there isn't an album review of God Save The King yet, I am predicting this will be one of the dopest albums of the year, and that's a bold statement considering how early in the year it is. Copy has only gotten better with time. I even like this album more than the High Exhaulted. This particular track isn't my absolute favorite on the album but regardless this is still dope and the album is a front to back banger with no need for a skip button.”

King Chandler's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 09, 2012
Cormega Cormega - “The Oath”

“Mega murked this verse "Megas equivalent to Eric Dickerson, incredibly gifted, the thorougest lyrics since the era of sega genesis, float like a pegasus, my potential is infinite" .......Are you serious, Mega is a lyrical god, The Realness is my favorite album of all time hands down, after hearing that album I viewed hip-hop in a whole different way.”

King Chandler's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 09, 2012

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