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No Shame... No Regrets Promo Photo Emilio Rojas - “No Shame... No Regrets”

“i'm a HUGE Emilio fan and i always support his projects. This one only let me down in there respect that it sounded a bit like what everyone else does and i didn't hear his politics/frustration/anger as much but talent is talent and he's got it in droves. I'm looking forward to the next one....and the next one....and the next. ”

Dominique Johnson's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 05, 2013
Breakfast at Tiffany's Promo Photo Nylo - “Breakfast at Tiffany's”

“What the hell does this have to do with Audrey Hepburn or Breakfast at Tiffany's? Being a HUGE fan of Audreys movie and Truman Capote's book of the same name i dont see how the reference even applies. The song is nice however, i just wish she didn't slap a popular title over her track to make it seem interesting. Sorry i have to judge this separately. Song is nice, reference is weak. ”

Dominique Johnson's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 03, 2013
Congregation Promo Photo Talib Kweli - “Congregation”

“out of all the songs i heard on this album, this one stuck out like the brightest gem. I love this!!! QUALITY ISH RIGHT HERE!”

Dominique Johnson's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 15, 2012
Auntie Maria's Crib (The Neapolitan Remix) Promo Photo Nitty Scott, MC - “Auntie Maria's Crib (The Neapolitan Remix)”

“i luv the old school feel, 3 people i can't get enough of”

Dominique Johnson's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 09, 2012

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Dominique Johnson's TOP ALBUMS

Yeezus Promo Photo Kanye West - “Yeezus”

“This is the most honest and BEST review i've ever read. I'm on DJBooth ALOT, (okay, everyday) and i had such a hard time picking apart this album. After reading several reviews where critics from RollingStone praised this album and the people i see on Youtube and at work saying they can't get into it; this review fit that format to a T. I find Yeezus to be one of those albums that will inspire other genres as well as hip hop but we're too close to it to see what's possible. Thankyou for this review and breaking down the things i couldn't quite put into words myself. ”

Dominique Johnson's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 06, 2013

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