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Lawdamercy Promo Photo Cambatta - “Lawdamercy”

“Hottest track in years bruh”

Le?endary ?hxzt Deini's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 02, 2013
The Watchmen Promo Photo Nino Bless - “The Watchmen”


Le?endary ?hxzt Deini's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 15, 2013
Bonfire Promo Photo Nino Bless - “Bonfire”

“First of all, I just wanna say that the beat is fucking crazy! Nemisis is killing the production on Nino's 'Latin Marksman 2' mixtape. Also, I don't think Nino Bless is talking about his position in the rap game in his verse, rather, I feel as if all three MC's are just venting their thoughts and feelings in a reactive manner in their response to what society wants to force upon them, or how society wants them to behave. Nino's verse in particular, to me, seems like he's talking about how he usually used to sell himself short while going through hell, and now he's learned what the true price of life is, and appreciates it to a level which is worth life itself. Thus, he's purified himself to meet heaven and treats himself properly in ways such as having a healthy diet and detoxing. Another example he uses is that reflects upon him becoming a better individual is that he shields himself from evil thoughts, which allow him to live well and think positive. Moving onto Soul Khan's verse, we have the resurgence of this theme of worth and self-merit. Khan uses clever wordplay to exclaim how his buzz has gotten him the fortune he's wanted, and usually that type of noise gets people killed. It seems that his definition of fortune is not money, but rather to have healthy and well-off descendants, time spent with his significant other, being real with himself and others, and life itself. He ends his verse by delivering the message that he cannot tell others what to do to find their own fortune, he's made his own heaven from his own experiences in his path, and so he looks at any other suggestions to him such as religion, as for an example, as fairy tale. Finally, Cambatta delivers a spoken-word verse reminiscent to Ab-Soul's style on a Kendrick Lamar song on 'Section.80', however I believe Cambatta is more charismatic, rhythmic, and clearer than Ab-Soul is. 'Batta's verse portrays life like a movie where society has the common man enslaved. For some reason, I picture the Hebrews under Egyptian rule from the Bible, the way he describes it. Others can probably imagine the historically, fairly recent, slave trade from the past 400 years, except in the present tense where it is unseen and subliminal. Cam got me feeling like the devils and demonic souls of the world run society and is keeping the ones who aren't in their allegiance or who do not partake in their evil, down. And though we're all going to die, which is the ultimate end, we are not happy while being alive, and Cambatta raises this important question: Why are we so content with not living? Very deep, and it allures to what he was saying before, that when you look at life from another angle or perspective, you can really see that society, which rules man, has people shackled and enslaved up... In conclusion, I feel as if the three MC's are just expressing their frustrations from going through hell, and how they're each ready to rise. If this were a music video, I could see the three in a triangle, seated on wooden logs, with a huge fire in the middle of the three, and they're all just throwing or dishing out their feelings into the fire... like a true 'Bonfire'. Everyone does their thing, Nemisis with the beat, Nino, Soul Khan, & Cambatta with the verses, & Sombrae with the mixing/sound-engineering... Perfect collaboration & track.”

Le?endary ?hxzt Deini's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 05, 2012
I Gotcha Promo Photo MIZ - “I Gotcha”


Le?endary ?hxzt Deini's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 03, 2011

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