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Name:   Tycoon
Location: Skidegate BC
Interests: Hip Hop, Exercise, Life, Movies, Education.
URL:   www.reverbnation.com/bigtybeatdowns
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Late Nite Promo Photo Daz - “Late Nite”

“Damn I've been waiting for years and years for a west coast (old school sound) resurgence. So many dudes kept that old east coast sound alive and I'm glad these dudes are finally doing that. ”

Tycoon's Rating:                     Posted on May 22, 2013
The Recipe Promo Photo Kendrick Lamar - “The Recipe”

Tycoon's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 02, 2012
Cukui (Forever) Promo Photo Uptown Swuite - “Cukui (Forever)”

“Looking forward to the mixtape after hearing this!”

Tycoon's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 06, 2012
The Believer Promo Photo Common - “The Believer”

“Please Common leave the rest of the album as a surprise! Every song released has been amazing!”

Tycoon's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 06, 2011
One Time Promo Photo The Roots - “One Time”

“Super excited for the album I pre-ordered it last week. Talk about ending a great year on a high note with The Roots and Common dropping potentially classic albums!”

Tycoon's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 04, 2011

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Strange Journey (Volume Three) Promo Photo CunninLynguists - “Strange Journey (Volume Three)”

“Wow, just, wow.”

Tycoon's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 06, 2014
The Infamous Mobb Deep Promo Photo Mobb Deep - “The Infamous Mobb Deep”

“Amazing album!”

Tycoon's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 06, 2014
Y.O.U. Promo Photo Tito Lopez - “Y.O.U.”

“This guy is amazing! Needs way more publicity!”

Tycoon's Rating:                   Posted on Jan 07, 2014

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