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Name:   danny2hott
URL:   http://www.myspace.com/danisdube
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Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx - “Get Dumb (Number One) ft. Lil' Wayne & Just Blaze”

“When i 1st heard it i thought it was a bit of a misfire but its really grown on me. Real catchy and different from everything else out there. You should hear the one he has with Kanye and the Dream, i can say the same. Banger!”

danny2hott's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 12, 2008
T.I. T.I. - “Dead and Gone ft. Justin Timberlake”

“One of my favourite off Paper Trail, I knew this would be his next single!! I say its classic, and its gonna blow up on the charts. Anyone else notice that you can REALLY tell T.I. took the effort to write this time? Wish some would follow his example *cough, Cough Weezy! cough*”

danny2hott's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Game Game - “Red Magic ft. Lil Wayne”

“This song is off the chain! "I'm a street king, ask dude from The Matrix!" Lol, These 2 should form some sorta super-group with Cool&Dre;on the boards. Straight fire! "We be soaking up syrup like a waffle house apron" Fire!”

danny2hott's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Jay Z Jay Z - “Brooklyn (Go Hard) ft. Santogold”

“I remember i used to boycott Jigga in support of Nas during their beef. This makes me wish i hadnt, who knows what i missed!Kanye on the boards with another great sample (Seems to be his style, doesnt it?) I've got no prob with the sample continuing throughout Jay's verses as most people seem to, actually sounds better.And Jigga's lyricism makin you hit up google and wikipedia just to get what he's saying! Lol! They both Brooklyn (Go Hard)This song is amazing, i loved History, Jockin Jay-Z was just cool but this! I'm just saying, if you think the lyrics were bad, the song most probably went over your head!”

danny2hott's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 03, 2008
Nas Nas - “Hero ft. Keri Hilson”

“Omg!! Nas is back! He's the one who got me onto rap. Nas was my fav rapper and this song. Its awesome!”

danny2hott's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 10, 2008

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